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Rodent Magnet Trap Bait
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Rodent Magnet Trap Bait
Seriously Nutty Paste That Drives Rodents Crazy!
  •  Draws Mice & Rats Irresistibly To Traps 
  •   Crazy Sticky Formula Prevents Stolen Bait
  •   100% Pet Friendly - No Poison
10X Better Than Peanut Butter!
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FREE Trapping Starter Kit
Rodent Trapping School
Rodent Magnet Trap Bait
Rodent Magnet Trap Bait
The Rodent Control Box Kit
The Mouse Box

The Rodent Control Box Kit
The Rat Box

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Why Our Tools Work...
  •  Fast Results: 10X faster results than traditional                                DIY methods. 
  •  New Innovations: We've invented the BEST                                        rodent tools on Planet Earth!
  •  Proven Success: 100% effective - Even with                                        SMART rodents. 
Pro Rodent Trap
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